Well, this has been a long time journey! I am Plane Lover – not only planes really, but anything that can fly… (probably if you reach this page, you share the same passion or hobby). I started in the FVP World in 2008 (13 years ago). On my journey in this word I have had lots of fun, made lots of friends and obviously had many frustrations, crashes and spent some money in it! Almost gave up many times!

I have had many different phases in my FPV history: Long Range phase, Fireworks phase (lol), 3D Printed Planes, DJI phase, Race Quad phase and finally Scale FPV flight phase. Within the last one, my master dream ways been to have a proper instrument panel in my planes. I tried to search many times in the internet, but I never found “YES, THATS THE ONE I NEED!”. I have seen many attempts, but not the perfect one.

Based on that, I started to research many different ways to get my dream come true and put the hands on! Learning curve was massive. I bought literally dozens of different screens, sensors, wrote more than millions of lines of code, experimented everything and different approaches. I have sacrificed lots of my little spare time to try to bring this project live (I have a full time job, have a wonderful wife and a little boy that loves play with me and which keep me really occupied!). I have restarted from the begging many times until I reach a point that I can proudly say: yes! this is fu***** cool!

I have setup this online store very quickly. Sorry if the layout is still poor, if you don’t find all the answers to your questions. I promises I will enrich the content and media and bring more information about the products in the upcoming weeks!

you can follow my personal YouTube channel or the RC Gauges YouTube Channel