4 Gauges Full Color Display 1.7″, 160 x 128 pixels (STAND ALONE VERSION)


Full Color Realtime Data Cockpit Display for Remoted Controlled Aircrafts.

All you need is included and Ready to Run: GPS Unit, Gyro, Compass, Processing Unit and the oLED Display

  • Display Viewing Area: 33.6 x 27mm
  • Gauges Data: Home Location Radar, Ground Speed (GPS), Home Relative Altitude, Artificial Horizon (Pitch and Roll)
  • Additional Data: Distance to Home, GPS Satellites, % Remaining Battery
  • Requirements: Power Source, nothing else.
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The Stand Alone version comes everything you need to operate, no flight controller is needed!

It comes with Mateksys GPS, All Sensors, Processing Unit and the 1.7″ oLed Display! Its the full bundle, all you need. You can power it up from a 2S to 6S lipo!


Exclusive uOLED high visibility displays with real data for Remote Controlled Aircraft. This version included all sensors to work straight out the box! No flight controller, no configuration is needed!

This is not a DYI Kit, is ready to use. Just put the screen in your plane, feed with 2S to 6S battery and your are ready to go!


This is the Stand Alone Version! All you need to setup is included (and assembled) in the KIT:

It comes with Mateksys GPS unit, Gyro & Compass Sensor, Processing unit and the 1.7″ oLed Display the Display (Full Colour 1.7″, 160 x 128 pixels Display). User friendly, no soldering, no configuration needed. Just connect to a power source (2S to 6S) and it will work straight away.

4 Gauges with Real Flight Data:

  • Artificial Horizon (Update! –> Pitch and Roll)
  • Home Position Radar (Indicates the take-off location)
  • Ground Speed (km/h or miles/h)
  • Altitude (meters or feet – same as distance to home)

3 Monitoring Displays with Real Flight Data:

  • GPS Satellites
  • Battery Monitor (% Remaining Battery)
  • Distance to Home (meters or feet – same as Altitude)

1 Alarms (Red or Green led)

  • Low Speed (red state triggered between 10 & 40 km/h)
How to use: 

This is the Stand Alone Version! Everything you require to equip your RC Model is included and Ready to Go. You just need to power it with 2S to 6S lipo battery, wait the GPS get a fix and you are ready to fly!

It comes with Mateksys GPS, Gyro & Compass Sensor, Processing unit and the 1.7″ oLed Display! Its the full bundle. 


  • Display Viewing Area: 33.6 x 27mm



  • Although this system can provide reliable live data, the RCGauges systems are not intended to replace your OSD or flight controller! The intent of this systems is to provide a new level of details and scale to RC Planes and should not be used as the source of data to drive your FPV flights!
  • Depending on the FPV Camera you use, you need to change the shutter speed of the camera to avoid the flickering. Some cameras does not allow to change these settings, in this case a ND (8 or 16) filter is recommended to be used in the camera.
  • You can use the Display very close to your FPV Camera, in this case, the focus of your FPV camera can be adjusted by rotating the lenses. Some FPV Cameras uses a thermal sensitive glues, in this case you can use a heat gun to melt the glue and be able to rotate the lenses. (I have tested in the DJI Cameras)
Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Km/h, Miles/h


Meters, Feet


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