4 Gauges Full Colour Display 1.7″, 160 x 128 pixels (INAV VERSION)


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Full Color Realtime Data Cockpit Display for Remoted Controlled Aircrafts.

Uses the telemetry from our flight controller to feed data to the Display Gauges! Bring more reality to your FPV Flights with real data instruments!

  • Display Viewing Area: 33.6 x 27mm
  • Gauges Data: Home Location, Ground Speed (GPS), Home Relative Altitude, Artificial Horizon (Roll)
  • Additional Data: Distance to Home, GPS Satellites, % Remaining Battery
  • Requirements: Your INAV flight controller.
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Exclusive uOLED high visibility displays with real data for Remote Controlled Aircrafts. This version uses the telemetry from your existing INAV flight controller to feed data to the Display Gauges! Bring more reality to your FPV Flights with real data instruments! (For the All in One version – no flight controller needed, click here)


The kit is composed by the Display (Full Colour 1.7″, 160 x 128 pixels Display) and a processing unit. (More pictures to come)

4 Gauges with Real Flight Data:

  • Artificial Horizon (Rolll)
  • Home Position
  • Speed (km/h or miles/h)
  • Altitude (meters or feet – same as distance to home)

3 Monitoring Displays with Real Flight Data:

  • GPS Satellites
  • Battery Monitor
  • Distance to Home (meters of feet – same as Altitude)

1 Alarms (Red or Green led)

  • Low Speed (red state triggered between 10 & 40 km/h)
How to use: 

This is the Telemetry Version; this means it has to be used in conjunction to your INAV controller (NOT INCLUDED!) The relevant information from your flight will be displayed in the screen of your onboard cockpit!

Simply connect the cable in one spare UART port into your flight controller and to a 5V line. Configure the UART (TX & RX) in the Port Configuration menu into the Flight Controller Configurator to output Mavlink Telemetry and set the baud rate to 57600. Job done! Nothing else is required!


  • Display Viewing Area: 33.6 x 27mm

Disclaimer: Although this system can provide live data, the RCGauges systems are not intended to replace your OSD or flight controller! The intent of this systems is only to provide a new level of details and scale to RC Planes and should not be used as the source of data to drive your FPV flights!

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Km/h, Miles/h


Meters, Feet


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