Next Batch of G1000

We have now shipped the first batch of the G1000 version. It was gone in few minutes after I make them available. Hope you enjoy it.

The next batch is already been cooked, probably will be available at some point late September. Again will be limited availability. If you want to know when the stock is updated, subscribe here

I will just add the amount of stock available to be shipped, I prefer do not open pre-orders or backorders to avoid disappointments and long waiting.

Thank you everybody!

G1000 is now in Stock

I have been working hard to overcome many problems and challenges. The shortage the electronics sector is experiencing; components prices hikes; flickering when the display is filmed by a camera, moving houses, a new family member 🙂

Most of the challenges under my control were overcome, and now the new G1000 is live but in a very very limited quantity.

Main benefits of G1000 version:

High contrast and brightness

No more annoying flickering when using a FPV camera

Lighter and simplified hardware

Feed by 5v, just connect to your receiver and is ready to run

Simplified and optimized layout

Hope you enjoy, sorry for the few units, as soon as I can new units will be added to the stock.

See you soon!

Stock & Updates

Got some new displays in stock, not much thou, should not last long. Unfortunately have to increase the price of the Units to reflect the reality of the costs which have increased in the last 60 days.

I have started working on a cheaper version using cheaper displays and sensors, but it will require basically to build from the scratch, it will take a while and is not 100% sure it will work. Keep you posted.

Software Updates:

I have update the Home Location algorithm, much more accurate now. Have added the Pitch in the Artificial Horizon, so now you get Pitch and Roll in indicators 🙂

Soon I will add more information about on how to update the Firmware.

Stock Update!

Dear hobbysts,

Unfortunately we are facing difficulties to restock the displays due to the global semiconductor shortage. I’ve got a estimation from the Display supplier of 2 weeks to have a new batch coming in. Once I get them, I will update the stock levels. At the moment, we are out of stock.

Thanks for understanding.

Awesome news!

I have been quite busy lately with my full time job. At the same time, discovered some “issues” (not really issues, see below), but decided to stop the sales until I was pretty confident everything was sorted. Check below:

1 – Flickering: if you saw the first flying tests (BTW, ended up in a mid air collision –> I had a flickering problem. After researching quite a lot, I understood that actually the problem is not with the Display but the camera I was using. I have added ND filters (ND16 for sunny day, and ND8 for cloud days) and the problem is gone. For the DJI Camera, I am using the 14mm Caddix ND filters. You can find it at any online shop. Very happy with the results.

2 – New Features! At the 4 Gauges large display, instead of the Compass, now I have added the Home Position. I have added also the distance to home. I think all indicators now complete each other. The Home position is set automatically as soon as the GPS has 3D fix and a decent HDOP. I will update the pictures soon with the new layout (not much different from the actual pictures)

3 – Sales are now back! As mentioned, I have sorted the “issues” and added few improvements. Did several tests and I am now extremely happy with the results. The first batch of units are being shipped this week! We are making available a very limited number of products for the time being.


We are trying to reduce prices, but obviously is not easy to bargain being a small company. At the moment the prices really reflect the minium I can sell them in order to worth it.

I know the price may be a barrier for many. I am sorry about that but we cannot reduce it until we get some scale.

Thank you for understanding


Well, this has been a long time journey! I am Plane Lover – not only planes really, but anything that can fly… (probably if you reach this page, you share the same passion or hobby). I started in the FVP World in 2008 (13 years ago). On my journey in this word I have had lots of fun, made lots of friends and obviously had many frustrations, crashes and spent some money in it! Almost gave up many times!

I have had many different phases in my FPV history: Long Range phase, Fireworks phase (lol), 3D Printed Planes, DJI phase, Race Quad phase and finally Scale FPV flight phase. Within the last one, my master dream ways been to have a proper instrument panel in my planes. I tried to search many times in the internet, but I never found “YES, THATS THE ONE I NEED!”. I have seen many attempts, but not the perfect one.

Based on that, I started to research many different ways to get my dream come true and put the hands on! Learning curve was massive. I bought literally dozens of different screens, sensors, wrote more than millions of lines of code, experimented everything and different approaches. I have sacrificed lots of my little spare time to try to bring this project live (I have a full time job, have a wonderful wife and a little boy that loves play with me and which keep me really occupied!). I have restarted from the begging many times until I reach a point that I can proudly say: yes! this is fu***** cool!

I have setup this online store very quickly. Sorry if the layout is still poor, if you don’t find all the answers to your questions. I promises I will enrich the content and media and bring more information about the products in the upcoming weeks!

you can follow my personal YouTube channel or the RC Gauges YouTube Channel