Awesome news!

I have been quite busy lately with my full time job. At the same time, discovered some “issues” (not really issues, see below), but decided to stop the sales until I was pretty confident everything was sorted. Check below:

1 – Flickering: if you saw the first flying tests (BTW, ended up in a mid air collision –> I had a flickering problem. After researching quite a lot, I understood that actually the problem is not with the Display but the camera I was using. I have added ND filters (ND16 for sunny day, and ND8 for cloud days) and the problem is gone. For the DJI Camera, I am using the 14mm Caddix ND filters. You can find it at any online shop. Very happy with the results.

2 – New Features! At the 4 Gauges large display, instead of the Compass, now I have added the Home Position. I have added also the distance to home. I think all indicators now complete each other. The Home position is set automatically as soon as the GPS has 3D fix and a decent HDOP. I will update the pictures soon with the new layout (not much different from the actual pictures)

3 – Sales are now back! As mentioned, I have sorted the “issues” and added few improvements. Did several tests and I am now extremely happy with the results. The first batch of units are being shipped this week! We are making available a very limited number of products for the time being.