Author: guipedroso

Stock & Updates

Got some new displays in stock, not much thou, should not last long. Unfortunately have to increase the price of the Units to reflect the reality of the costs which have increased in the last 60 days. I have started working on a cheaper version using cheaper displays and sensors, but it will require basically […]

Stock Update!

Dear hobbysts, Unfortunately we are facing difficulties to restock the displays due to the global semiconductor shortage. I’ve got a estimation from the Display supplier of 2 weeks to have a new batch coming in. Once I get them, I will update the stock levels. At the moment, we are out of stock. Thanks for […]

Awesome news!

I have been quite busy lately with my full time job. At the same time, discovered some “issues” (not really issues, see below), but decided to stop the sales until I was pretty confident everything was sorted. Check below: 1 – Flickering: if you saw the first flying tests (BTW, ended up in a mid […]


We are trying to reduce prices, but obviously is not easy to bargain being a small company. At the moment the prices really reflect the minium I can sell them in order to worth it. I know the price may be a barrier for many. I am sorry about that but we cannot reduce it […]


Well, this has been a long time journey! I am Plane Lover – not only planes really, but anything that can fly… (probably if you reach this page, you share the same passion or hobby). I started in the FVP World in 2008 (13 years ago). On my journey in this word I have had […]