Hi, Welcome to RC Gauges

We are a small UK based company which has just opened for business. The products we sell have been proudly developed in house, this is the result of many years of experience in FVP (13 years) and many hours of efforts and resilience to develop the final result.


The Display used in the RCGauge kits are expensive, therefore low level of stock is available. The lead time for the shipment runs around 2 weeks. The shipment will be tracked and signature will be required on delivery. We ship worldwide.

Each unit will be tested. A video will be recorded and a private link will be shared with the the consumer before the shipment.

High Quality OLED Displays

We use top of the market quality displays. Not any random cheap screens. The image quality is amazing, the brightness is awesome even in sunny days.


Our oLED Displays are top quality in the market. Not cheap options available at eBay or son on. Each Display and the Processing unit is covered for 30 days warranty. The warranty does not cover user errors like wrong connections, reverse polarity, changes in the SD card content and so on. They are easy installation, does not require any technical skill. The instructions will follow in the product package.

Next Level FPV Flights

Bring your RC FPV Flights closer to a real flight experience! Our Screen Displays Gauges use real flight data to augment your Flight Data and level up your FPV Flight Experience!