1.7″ Field of View OLED Display

This is the bigger and most complete version. Its suitable for planes with wingspan >= 1.5 meters and bigger.

– Artificial Horizon Gauge (Pitch And Roll)
– Home Position indicator
– Altitude Gauge (Relative take off position)
– GPS Speed Gauge
– GPS Satellites counter
– % Battery Remaining
– Low Altitude/Speed Red led alerts

The kit is available in 2 options: Stand Alone or Mavlink Version

0.96″ Field of View OLED Display

This is the smaller option. Its suitable for smaller Planes or EDF Jets (80mm – 90mm).

I have been using it in my Freewing L-39 Albatros 80mm and fits really well.

This screen has 3 indicators (real data):

– Artificial Horizon Gauge (Pitch and Roll)
– GPS Speed Indicator
– Ground Altitude (Relative take off position)

The kit is available here: Mavlink Version

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  • Stock & Updates
    Got some new displays in stock, not much thou, should not last long. Unfortunately have to increase the price of the Units to reflect the reality of the costs which have increased in the last 60 days. I have started working on a cheaper version using cheaper displays and sensors, but it will require basically to build from the scratch, it will take a while and is not 100% sure it will work. Keep you […]